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MAXcontent: Good Food for Bone Health

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Thursday, November 28, 2019

Good Food for Bone Health

Good Food for Bone Health

One way to maintain bone health is insufficient nutrients required by bones that vitamin D and calcium. Both of these nutrients should be met in a balanced manner. How to meet the nutritional needs is to keep your food choices in everyday consumption. You can choose some of the following foods to keep the bones in order to stay healthy.

This one drink is able to provide for the needs of calcium and vitamin D the body needs. For those of you who want to keep the weight could choose fat-free milk and high in calcium. To meet the needs of calcium and vitamin D needed a bone, you should consume three servings of milk or dairy foods.

The majority of people understand that in order to meet the needs of vitamin D is through sun exposure. However, some foods were able to fulfil the needs of vitamin D that the body needs. One of which is yogurt. By eating one cup of yogurt, you can get adequate levels of calcium and vitamin D daily. In this case, you should choose low-fat yogurt containing.

Some types of fish are believed to have the content of calcium and vitamin D is high enough to meet the daily nutritional adequacy. You can consume sardines, salmon, tuna, or otherwise. Each species of marine fish is certainly deliver more nutrients vary.

To get the calcium needs, you would not only be able to consume food or drinks that lack the milk. You also can choose spinach as an option. In one cup of cooked spinach, it contains nearly 25% of calcium daily. In addition, spinach also contains additional nutrients such as fiber, iron, and vitamin A. Therefore, food is not only good for bonehealth but also may help maintain a healthy body more thoroughly.
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