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MAXcontent: Do you know what is vehicle insurance ?

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Thursday, December 12, 2019

Do you know what is vehicle insurance ?

Do you know what is vehicle insurance ?

Do you know what is vehicle insurance?

What is auto insurance ?

The insurance is covered by a contract or agreement between two parties. The first party is the insurance company and the second party is the owner of the vehicle. Through this contract, the insurance company is obliged to compensate the owner of the car for the damage and damage to his vehicle or the cars that cause damage to it. It is agreed upon contract.

Types of insurance (auto insurance)

1- Insurance against third parties
2- Comprehensive insurance (vehicle insurance)

What is third-party insurance ?

Through this insurance, the insurance company is obliged to repair the damage caused by the car insured against third parties for other cars. The repairs or compensation does not include the car with third party insurance or damages. This insurance is compulsory for all cars to protect the rights of owners of damaged cars.
Advantages of third party insurance:
1 - Insurance against third parties to pay the damages caused by the car insured for other cars that was the accident, and this prevents the owner of the car from paying any amounts and make him feel a sense of reassurance towards cars that cause damage.
2- In respect of the annual amount payable by the owner of the car to the insurance company in case of third party insurance, it is reasonably reasonable and does not constitute a burden on him. (auto insurance)

The disadvantages of third party insurance:

The most important negative of the insurance system against third parties is the insurance companies not afford the cost of damage to the insured car, but only on the other damaged cars, which means that the owner of the car must fit the holiday that happened to his car in case he is the culprit on his personal account. (vehicle  insurance)

What is comprehensive insurance ?

Comprehensive insurance requires the insurance company to repair the damage and damage caused by the car insured comprehensive auto insurance, in addition to repair all the damage of the car insured, that is repair the damage of all cars covered in the accident, and this auto insurance is optional for all cars and not compulsory insurance against others. (auto insurance)

Pros of comprehensive insurance:

1- Comprehensive insurance alongside car repair provides car insurance in the event of theft, vandalism, fire and several other things that may happen to the car at any time.
2- If the insured car causes the accident, the owner will feel reassured that the insurance will ensure repairs and will avoid paying large sums to repair his car. (vehicle  insurance)

Cons of comprehensive insurance:

1- The disadvantages of comprehensive insurance is that it applies to the date of manufacture and age of the car, and does not subject the comprehensive insurance law on the old cars, because it may be quickly disrupted unlike the new car.
2- The second negative of comprehensive insurance is the high annual payments of insurance companies, which is a burden on owners of cars wishing to this type of insurance, especially if they bought their cars through banks and monthly installments. (auto insurance).
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