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MAXcontent: The cheapest 5 cars in the world

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Tuesday, December 10, 2019

The cheapest 5 cars in the world

The cheapest 5 cars in the world

The cheapest 5 cars in the world.

Regardless of the price or size it is important that you can use any of these cars in your daily transportation safely and hassle-free, and no matter how cheap it will still be better than relying on transportation!
Having your own car allows you to move freely anytime, anywhere

Fifth place:

We start from fifth place at $ 3960 with a new car, which Renault unveiled in 2015, the Renault Quid.
The car has been manufactured specifically for the Indian market to compete in the small car category there. In fact, Quid has succeeded in the heart of the scales. Once it was put up for sale, the company recorded more than 70,000 orders in two months to occupy 10% of this competitive market in its first year.
The car has a three-cylinder 800-cubic-meter engine that generates 54 hp and 72 Newton-meter torque and is connected to a five-speed manual transmission. Inside, the car is equipped with first-class features such as a touch screen

fourth place:

The fourth place, priced at $ 3700, is occupied by a Japanese car (Suzuki Maruti 800) manufactured in India, topped the car list of best-selling cars there.
It is a small car with a three-cylinder 800cc engine as its name suggests. The engine generates 47 horsepower, while its fuel consumption is 6.5 liters / 100km, which can be reduced to 6 liters / 100km when the air conditioner is turned off!
For the 2016 model, the car received a number of updates such as the electric glass and driver airbag

the third place:

In third place was a car recently unveiled in April, the Datsun Reddy Joe at $ 3570. After the success of the KWID, Nissan seems to have decided to introduce another player into the Indian market.
Where the car came with the same chassis, the same engine and kinetic system used in the KWID but at a cheaper price and lighter weight and smaller size, while the company says that the most important characteristic of Reddy Joe is the height of the edge of the earth, which is 185 mm, which will be very useful on the roads not paved or Those that need maintenance.

Second place:

In second place is the Nano GEN-X, manufactured by Tata Motors of India.
The rear-wheel drive is powered by a two-cylinder, 624 cc engine that can reach a top speed of 105 km / h and is priced at $ 3,000. The price for the first time for sale in 2008 was only $ 1500

first place:

The cheapest car in the world and the first car on our list today is Jiangnan TT car
It is manufactured by Jiangnan Auto of Zotye Automobile.

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