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MAXcontent: Types of Credit Cards

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Thursday, December 12, 2019

Types of Credit Cards

Types of Credit Cards

Credit cards

Credit cards are a standard size plastic card that consists of a magnetic stripe with an automatic readable symbol. Credit cards are the best substitute for checks and money, an important element of commerce using the Internet, e-commerce. Credit cards are a small card made of Plastic, issued by banks and allows its owner to purchase services and goods relying on credit. Other credit card charges are a means of paying for purchases, and they contain money that is collected later.

There are many types of credit cards, with information about them:

Credit cards Balance transfer:

The cards that offer a low introductory rate on the transfer of the financial balance over a period of time, and the special offers for this type of cards according to the promotional interest rate and the length of the promotional period. Rewards are the cards that offer rewards to customers when making purchases. These cards are divided into

three main types:

travel cards, point cards, and cashback cards. Individual preference for these types of cards varies depending on the nature of their personal expenses.

Student Credit Cards:

These cards are designed to suit the needs of university students. This type of card has many additional features that make it different from other credit cards.

These include:

various bonuses, low interest rate and other features. Cards are a type of credit card, also called a debit card; cards that do not have a spending limit in advance and require full payment of their balances at the end of the month, and are often not based on any shipping charges or minimum payments; The full balance is payable. Secured credit cards are a type of credit card that is an option for people who have no credit history or who have suffered credit damage. These cards need to deposit money for insurance, and the card credit limit is often equal to the amount of the deposit. It may be more. Prepaid cards are cards that must be shipped with money before use. The value of purchases is paid from the card balance and can not be spent until more money has been shipped.

Limited purpose cards:

Credit cards with limited purpose in certain locations. These cards are characterized by minimal financing and payment fees.
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