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Wednesday, December 2, 2020

keto diet: 4 benefits of the keto diet for a healthy body

4 benefits of the keto diet for a healthy body

The ketogenic diet or as like a few people like to call it, the Keto diet or low carb diet is tied in with devouring a ton of protein Also, fats yet less carbs. This eating regimen causes the body to send the fats that we burn-through to the liver, which the last change it Into energy to keep the body solid and dynamic for quite a while without feeling tired rapidly.

The word ketogenic is gotten from "Ketosis" which implies the condition of the body when it needs something more glucose in it to transform it into energy, so it creates ketones that fill in as an astounding wellspring of energy for both the body and the mind which makes it an incredible alternative for getting more fit in a short term.

The keto diet keeps you from devouring the parcel for carbs that are the primary explanation of putting on weight on the grounds that the sugar makes you hungry more often than not.

At the point when you burn-through carbs with little bits and spotlight more on protein and fat, your body doesn't push you more often than not to eat, all things considered, it employments those fats to fulfill your yearning and keep you dynamic.

On the off chance that you are searching for an eating regimen that will assist you with getting thinner in a short term, the ketogenic diet is the ideal eating routine for you since it encourages you accomplish extraordinary fit body, yet additionally gives gigantic medical advantages.

The benefits of the ketogenic diet Up until this point, there are a ton of extraordinary advantages of the keto diet, yet no negative impacts have showed up yet by any means; which makes it the tasty eating regimen that fits everyone.

Advantages of keto diet: 

  1. One of the best parts of the ketogenic diet is that it expands the degree of hdl in the body, which is the acceptable cholesterol that helps in bringing down the danger of heart infections. 
  2. Aides in alleviating diabetes type 2 by eliminating carbs from your every day suppers, you bid farewell to sugar and insulin on the grounds that your body as of now has what it needs, and you won't need to be stressed over what you eat.
  3. Brings down blood pressure high pulse is a calamity since it may prompt kidney disappointment, heart sicknesses, strokes... With this eating regimen, you can bid farewell to every one of those concerns and carry on with a sound life away from every one of those dangerous sicknesses that  undermine your life.
  4. Gum disease Gum infection is one of the most exceedingly awful and most excruciating sicknesses which is regularly brought about by the utilization of something over the top sugar. At the point when you kill sugar from your every day suppers, you can stay away from gum sicknesses and toothaches. While on the keto diet, the majority of your eating regimen will comprise of nourishments high in fats combined with a deliberate admission of proteins and low starch admission.

Monday, November 30, 2020

Best Fruits and Vegetables for Making Youthful Skin

Best Fruits and Vegetables for Making Youthful Skin

It has been a long time, many people believe that the consumption of fruit and vegetables is very effective to maintain and create a youthful skin. It is quite reasonable for the fruits and vegetables contain a number of antioxidants that can hydrate and heal. In addition, the excellent antioxidants to fight free radicals that can cause premature age. Although today, you can find a variety of methods to give the appearance of a more youthful face. However, you certainly will be very keen to take advantage of some fruits and vegetables that is around you to get to see the face of a healthy, radiant and youthful.

Best Fruits and Vegetables for Making Youthful Skin

Raw vegetables

If you like to eat some kind of raw vegetables as a salad or vegetables you can consume these vegetables to help maintain healthy skin. Raw vegetables are good for digestive health and blood circulation so that the intake of nutrients needed skin can be satisfied with good


Tomatoes contain lycopene, which is very good to help brighten the skin. In addition, the tomatoes also contain vitamin C can help remove blemishes or pimples. Tomatoes are also antioxidants that can repel free radicals that can damage skin.


Utilizing lemon juice mixed in drinking water could be one way to detoxify and cleanse the liver. Liver clean and healthy will have an impact on skin health. In this case, you should also compensate for the water intake keeps the body hydrated.


Carrot is one of the ingredients of foods rich in beta carotene. Consuming a cup of carrot in a day can help you get the skin nice and shiny.

By utilizing some of the fruits and vegetables, you can get youthful skin in a more simple and affordable.

Monday, September 21, 2020

bow legged baby - How to Fix Bowed Legs.

Bow leg remedies for children

Bow legs, also known as genu varum, sometimes occur naturally in children who are going through their developmental stage, i.e. those under the age of three. It involves the bending of one or both legs via either the tibia (shin bone) or the femur (thigh bone). Treatment only becomes essential if this condition doesn't wear off with age. It's not always easy, of course, to predict whether your child is going to have bow legs beyond the age of around 3 years. Fortunately, however, it's certainly possible to apply the methods discussed below to prevent bow legs from worsening, or even prevent their occurrence in the first place.

Timely observation

If you start to notice that your child has an unusual gait, walking style, and bowed legs within their first three years, don't worry too much. That said, if you notice these symptoms continuing past the three-year mark, it's important to consult a pediatrician as soon as possible. Regular check-ups are a must for children with bow legs, as they can ensure prompt treatment if the situation begins to get out of hand and doesn't resolve on its own. Usually, these treatments involve the use of medical braces.

Vitamin D

A diet with adequate levels of vitamin D is important to prevent the bone disease Rickets. This same vitamin also happens to be an important ingredient when it comes to potentially preventing your child from developing bow legs. Even for children who already have bow legs, timely diagnosis and treatment can often help to prevent the condition from continuing past the age of 3 years. This treatment simply involves supplementing your child's diet with vitamin D. It becomes crucially important if tests show the child is actually suffering from a vitamin D deficiency.

Medical Braces: a useful tool

No one wants to resort to surgery to correct their bow legs, and often, most people don't want to opt for medical braces either. Using braces for a child should only be necessary if his or her bow legs refuse to straighten out on their own. Braces may, however, become crucial- but only if there are serious disorders contributing to or causing their bow legs.

Timely treatment can prevent complications

There may be more serious repercussions if your child's bow legs aren't treated in a timely and appropriate manner. By their very nature, bowed legs can cause your child's legs and knees to change shape in a way that places tremendous strain on their joints. This strain can, in turn, trigger severe aches in your child's knee joints, not to mention his or her ankles and hips. When joints experience such immense friction and wear over as your child grows up, it's not uncommon for arthritis to develop later in life. This is why it's so important for a child suffering from bow legs to be treated in a timely manner.

Thursday, August 6, 2020

How to make the perfect iced tea, in three delicious variations

How to make the perfect iced tea, in three delicious variations

The iced tea is THE summer drink! It's so refreshing and energizing at the same time. If you buy it often, know that it is very easy and especially much cheaper to do it yourself . And this often avoids artificial ingredients as well as a good amount of sugar. There are just a few small rules to follow.

Here is the basic recipe as well as three delicious ideas for a change.

Which tea to use?

Iced tea is often made with traditional black tea, but almost all kinds of tea can be enjoyed once cooled. You can even make iced “herbal teas” or use flavored tea, which will add flavor.

To take into consideration: the better the tea, the better the result will be. For the connoisseur, there is nothing better than using loose leaf tea. To infuse it, it sells bags to fill yourself.


You are free to sweeten your iced tea to taste, but one thing is certain: even if you have a sweet tooth, homemade tea may still be less sweet than store-bought tea.

Whether you use granulated sugar, maple syrup or honey, it is necessary to add it while the tea is hot, usually just after it has been brewed.

How to make the perfect iced tea, in three delicious variations

If you want to add the sugar after the tea is cold (to give everyone a chance to sweeten it in their glass), there are a few options: superfine sugar (it's written on the packaging; this one it dissolves well even when cold), stevia or simple syrup.

Simple syrup is made by bringing an equal amount of water and granulated sugar to a boil, then turning off the heat immediately after. You can use it as soon as it has cooled down and keep it in the fridge for several days.

Do not try to put granulated sugar in iced tea; the sugar will not dissolve, but will instead fall to the bottom of the glass.

Also, don't forget that like hot tea, iced tea can be drunk unsweetened very well! You can simply add a few fruits that will sweeten the taste.

The infusion

To make iced tea, you can easily double the amount of tea that you would use to make hot tea. Why? First, because the cold has the property of making the flavors less pronounced and second, because if you use ice, the tea will become more diluted.

Pay attention to the infusion time: for a robust and tasty iced tea, it is better to put more tea bags than to let the bags steep longer, otherwise the tea will develop its tannins and become more acrid. 

Should we boil the water?

This is the traditional and fastest way, but not necessarily. For purists, the best way to make iced tea is cold infusion, that is, to fill a pitcher with cold water and place tea bags directly in it. The pitcher then goes in the fridge for 8 to 12 hours before removing them and sweetening (see note above) or flavoring to taste. It seems to make the most delicious iced tea ever, with a very "pure" taste. Try it if you have the time!

How long does iced tea keep?

It is advisable to keep it in the fridge for about 2 days, 3 at most, otherwise it risks losing its "freshness". 

So it is better to make smaller amounts more often.

The basic recipe

Makes a pitcher of iced tea


  • 6 cups of water
  • 6-8 good quality black tea bags
  • About ½ cup of sugar (to taste)
  • Lemon and / or lime slices


  1. Boil the water and pour it into the pitcher.
  2. Add the tea bags and let steep 2-3 minutes.
  3. Remove the bags and add the sugar.
  4. Stir with a spoon until the sugar is completely dissolved.
  5. Let cool a little before putting in the fridge, or add a good quantity of ice to cool it more quickly.
  6. Place lemon or lime slices in the pitcher to flavor the tea.

Gourmet variants

Green tea also makes great iced tea! Since this type of tea is particularly susceptible to becoming bitter, the teabags are not allowed to steep for more than 2 minutes.

Add cucumber slices and grapefruit wedges. Their respective flavors complement each other perfectly! You can also add a few fresh mint leaves.

White tea has a very mild taste. Formerly, it was only reserved for emperors because of its rarity and its preciousness! It is also very good in iced tea.

Add pieces of ripe peaches and fresh basil. Another interesting addition: ½ tsp. chia seeds per glass.

Rooibos tea is a red “tea”, which does not contain caffeine. We add here 1 or 2 sachet (s) of herbal tea with hibiscus, which gives a very nice color to the drink, as well as seasonal berries.

Monday, August 3, 2020

Benefits of Celery for Body Health

Benefits of Celery for Body Health

Most people certainly never consumed as leaf celery is often used as an ingredient for various kinds of processed food, especially soup. In addition, it also often can be selection leaves as a decoration to enhance the appearance of food that will be served. Apparently, in addition to flavor cuisine as well as food decoration, celery is rich in benefits for good health. Here is to the health benefits of celery that you should know. 

Benefits of Celery for Body Health

Celery is one of the herbs that are very low in calories which when combined with other ingredients may help lower weight and cholesterol contained in the blood. Another benefit that can be taken from the celery is a source of flavonoid antioxidants that serves to protect the body and boost immunity. Celery is also a source of vitamin A very well that these plants are excellent for use in maintaining the health of the organ of vision. In addition, celery also contains folic acid, niacin, vitamin C and riboflavin useful for optimal metabolism.

Essential oils are derived from the extraction of the celery plant can also be used to provide a sense of calm while experiencing nervous conditions and osteoarthritis. How to use celery can make a fresh juice or to process them together with some other foodstuffs. Not only that, benefits of celery can also be used to get the hair beautiful and fascinating by using it as a mask that is used on a regular basis.

Saturday, December 14, 2019

3 Types of Psoriasis and the Symptoms

3 Types of Psoriasis and the Symptoms

Psoriasis is a chronic disease that lasts for a lifetime. The symptoms and signs of the disease vary depending on the type and the person. For some people the symptoms can clear up for years at a time, which is known as remission.
Here are the types of psoriasis and the symptoms:

3 Types of Psoriasis and the Symptoms

1. Plaque psoriasis
  • Patches that thicken when scratched 
  • Silvery-white coating patches 
  • Raised, reddish patches that appear anywhere 
  • Patches appear in the elbows, knees, lower back and scalp 
  • Itching 
  • Nails with pits that are crumbling

2. Guttate psoriasis
  • Spots that appear after an illness like strep throat
  • Small red spots, commonly on the arms, trunks and legs
  • Spots that clear in a few weeks or months without treatments
  • Spots that appear where the person ha plaque psoriasis

3. Pustular psoriasis
  • Bumps often only on the soles and palms 
  • Red, swollen and dotted skin with pus-filled bumps 
  • Brown dots on the skin after pus-filled bumps dry 
  • Soreness on the bumps

This type of psoriasis has a special symptom, which is when pus-filled bumps cover the body, the person may have bright-red skin. He or she will feel ill, and always exhausted. Commonly, the person who had this psoriasis also has a fever, chills, rapid pulse, severe itching, muscle weakness and loss of appetite. 

    Friday, December 13, 2019

    Cell Phone and Brain Cancer

    Cell Phone and Brain Cancer

    Population-based studies have not find the link between cell phones and braincancer, but a recent study finds that the energy from cell phone can affect the activity of the brain. Holding a cell phone to our ear for a long period of time will increase the activity of some parts of the brain. A measurement of how the brain uses energy, known as glucose metabolism, increased significantly when the cell phone was turned on and muted. Although the researchers cannot determine the significance, the result gives evidence that the brain is sensitive to the electromagnetic fields, especially from acute sell phone exposure.

    Cell Phone and Brain Cancer

    Although the study cannot draw any conclusions about long-term effects, other researches are revealing a more significant result. The research said there is an acute effect and the question is whether the condition is associated with events that may be damaging the brain or predispose to the development of future health issues, such as brain cancer.

    There have been many studies evaluating the potential link between cell phone andbrain cancer, but the result is often inconsistent. However, few researchers have looked at the psychological effects that electromagnetic and radiofrequency fields from cell phone can have on brain tissue. Some of the researches revealed that the blood flow can be increased in some regions of the brain during cell phone use. There are also researchers who scan some patients to know the effects of cell phone exposure. However, the result of the researches is not quite satisfying because there is no clear evidence show that cell phone can cause brain cancer.

    Consumption of These Foods as Natural Acne Cure

    Consumption of These Foods as Natural Acne Cure

    When it finds there facial acne, it can certainly make you become less confident in appearance. The appearance of acne can be caused by many factors ranging from stress, diet, digestive disorders, impaired hormonal balance, pollution, and more. Besides, some foods can trigger acne. However, if you find their acne on the face, you should not worry too much. You can take advantage of some of these foods as a natural acne cure.

    Consumption of These Foods as Natural Acne Cure
    • Carrot: Carrots contain a lot of vitamin C and beta-carotene that plays an important role in addressing the acne caused by excess oils and proteins. In addition to carrots, you can also use some other green vegetables such as cabbage and broccoli for consumption and prevent acne that interferes with performance.
    • Cucumbers: Cucumber has some substances that are very good for skin health such as silica, antioxidants, and vitamin C. Cucumber which have high water content also believed to be cooler so in addition be used to treat acne; this vegetable can also be used as an anti-inflammatory agent.
    • Yoghurt: Yogurt is one of the dairy that it is very good to deal with acne. Yogurt contains probiotic bacteria can be used to improve skin proteins.
    • Green tea: Green tea contains antioxidant polyphenols are capable of providing protection from the sun's damaging UV rays. Antioxidant contained in green tea is also very good to prevent and repair damage to DNA. In addition, green tea can also help your body stay hydrated. 
    • Dark Chocolate: Other foods that can be used as a natural acne cure are dark chocolate. This type of chocolate contains antioxidant rich flavonoid useful to protect the skin from free radicals that can trigger acne in the face.

    Sunday, December 8, 2019

    Avoided Foods for Heartburn Sufferers

    Avoided Foods for Heartburn Sufferers

    Heartburn is a disease of the stomach that is quite disturbing to arrive suddenly even when we are undergoing an activity. Heartburn sufferers usually are people with irregular eating patterns and have an unhealthy lifestyle. Although this illness could arise and disappear by itself, you should not underestimate this disease because when left heartburn can become chronic and cause damage to the hull. You might be better when you know the avoided foods for heartburn sufferers if you happen to be one of these pain sufferers.

    Avoided Foods for Heartburn Sufferers

    Fried foods

    This food is very delicious and savory especially enjoyed during the night or in the rainy season. However, for those of you who suffer from acute stomach ulcers, you should avoid the consumption of these foods in quantities too much because fried foods can increase stomach acid that will actually make your condition worse.

    Dairy products with high fat content

    For heartburn sufferers, they should avoid any kind of food that came from dairy products especially those containing fat such as butter is high enough. As well as fried foods, dairy products with high fat content can also trigger an increase in stomach acid that in turn could lead to heartburn.


    Other foods that should be avoided are chocolate. The content of caffeine and theobromine found in chocolate can trigger increased levels of acid in the stomach. 

    Soft drink

    Although drink soft drinks cool in the summer can refresh the body, heartburn sufferers should not select the type of drinks as an option. Carbonated drinks can trigger stomach acid can make the stomach feel bloated and uncomfortable

    Actually, the avoided foods for heartburn sufferers are not only those mentioned above. There are several other foods should also be avoided such as coffee, tea, fruit containing gas, or fermented foods.

    Tuesday, December 3, 2019

    Choosing Daily Multivitamin

    Choosing Daily Multivitamin

    Our body needs various minerals and vitamins to function properly. We can get most of the minerals and vitamins by consuming the right foods. However, many people take a multivitamin daily to make sure they get all the minerals and vitamins that are needed by their bodies. Some health experts said that daily multivitamin is a good option for the trace elements, such as folic acid, chromium, iron, potassium, selenium, zinc and manganese.

    Choosing Daily Multivitamin

    However, experts also suggested to choose the right multivitamin. We are suggested to shop for vitamins or multivitamins in health food or natural food stores. We must read the label and its expiration date. We have to make sure that the date is a few months away. We also need to read the Recommended Daily Allowance or RDA, which is often written as “%DV”. However, the DVs on the label may not take into consideration the different requirements for gender and age as RDAs do.

    Basically, daily multivitamin can be beneficial. However, doctors warn us to not to be suckered by “too much” vitamins. It is because the amount of vitamins in a standard level will give the best benefit. So, do not just see the brand or price because the best way is choosing the right ingredients and levels.

    Thursday, November 28, 2019

    Best Foods for Eye Health

    Best Foods for Eye Health

    Caring for and maintaining eye health certainly is very important to be done to prevent the risk of various disorders and eye problems such as myopia or otherwise. In addition to having a good lifestyle, especially in the use of proper eye function, consuming some food genius is also very important in maintaining the health of the organ of vision. The right foods with nutrition needed eye it could be one way to help prevent or treat eye problems and disorders

    Best Foods for Eye Health


    This is one of vegetables has long been recommended as a food ingredient to care for and maintain the health of the organ of vision. Carrots contain beta-carotene. In addition, carrots are also beneficial to release free radicals in the body.

    Sunflower seed

    This snack is not only beneficial for you who want to lose weight but it is also very good for maintaining the health of the organ of vision. Sunflower seeds contain selenium, zinc, and vitamin E can prevent several eye disorders such as cataracts. In addition, sunflower seeds also contain vitamin B2 can be used to address photophobia.


    These foods contain Omega 3, which is very good to avoid any risk of dry eye disorders so that the eye can also be healthier.


    Spinach contains zeaxanthin and lutein, which is the best antioxidant to prevent the process of macular degeneration and cataracts. In addition, spinach also contains vitamin C to prevent disease glaucoma.

    In addition to some of the foods above, you can also eat eggs, garlic, avocado, broccoli, tomatoes or to maintain eye health in order to be healthier.

    Burns Heal Naturally

    Burns Heal Naturally

    Sometimes, we do not know about something that happen unpredictable. It is more like accident or burns that happen to us. Of course, you should get the best medicine and treatment to make your condition better than before. For the skin burns, you can use some natural things to help your recovery process faster.

    Burns Heal Naturally

    . Honey is the great natural that you can easily get. You can use it to make the burns better than before. Use the original honey to make sure you have better result. Honey has good antiseptic system that will help your burns dry. Just spread the honey to your burns and wait until it absorb. 
    . Vinegar is also perfect to cover your burns. You can use the cotton and give it a little bit vinegar. Just compress it into your burns directly when it still hurt. 
    . Aloe Vera will be the fine ingredient to make your skin burns have fast recovery. Use the Aloe Vera to your skin until your wound dries. It will help your skin to have a new surface. 

    All those natural ingredients are good for your skin. It will give cool sensation that will help you free from the hurt burn. Do the treatment daily until the skin repair well.

    Choosing Healthy Foods for Pregnant Women

    Choosing Healthy Foods for Pregnant Women

    Ensuring the development and health of the fetus is certainly very important to do. One way is to choose healthy foods for pregnant women. However, pregnant women do not actually need to eat in large portions as to meet the nutritional needs of two people. Pregnant women should consume small meals but often with more intensity. On the condition of pregnant women, actually do not need to undergo special diet except for women who are suffering from certain diseases and have a special meal diet. Here are some foods and beverages that are recommended for consumption by pregnant women.

    Choosing Healthy Foods for Pregnant Women


    It is one that must be met by the intake of pregnant women every day because of water handy to deliver nutrients to the baby in the womb. Within a day, pregnant women should consume at least ten glasses of water where the fluid can be obtained from juice, milk, or other healthy beverages. If you want to get your intake of fluids other than water, you should also take notice of the sugar contained in these drinks.

    Vegetables and fruits 

    Eating healthy is highly recommended for pregnant women consumed are vegetables and fruits. Vegetables and fruits consumed should be varied to an adequate range of vitamins, minerals, and fiber needed during pregnancy.

    Lean meat, eggs, and fish 

    The type of food rich in protein is needed on the growth of the baby, especially in the first six months in the womb. You can create variations for daily food menu.

    Sources of Carbohydrates 

    The food was used as a source of carbohydrates for pregnant women do not always have rice, but can also be obtained from other foods such as oatmeal, potatoes, cereals, pasta, corn, or other. 

    Actually, healthy foods for pregnant women are not too much different from the healthy foods that are consumed in everyday life. However, it needs more nutrients during pregnancy will create a healthy diet is necessary to note that both the mother and the baby can live with a healthy pregnancy.

    Finding Natural Thrush Medication

    Finding Natural Thrush Medication

    Having canker sores on the lips or tongue will certainly make them feel uncomfortable. Canker sores usually appear in the oral cavity with a variety of causes such as mouth biting, use of cleaning products mouths are less fit, the consumption of food or drink that is too acidic or spicy, the effects of the virus, the effects of bacteria, mushroom effect, non-infectious, and the problem of the digestive system. Canker sores are sores in the mouth in the form of a concave spherical reddish feels quite painful, especially when touched food. The condition is usually confused with no appetite. At present, you certainly can more easily find a variety of products or drugs to treat ulcers in the market. However, you can try a natural thrush medication to help you in curing thrush.

    Finding Natural Thrush Medication

    Coconut water 

    You can use coconut water as a liquid for rinsing. This method is the easiest way and nice to treat canker sores.

    Coffee powder 

    In addition to using coconut water, you can also use the ground coffee. You can take a little coffee powder attached to the affected part of the thrush and then let stand a few minutes and then you can rinse with clean water.

    Salt water 

    Another way is to use salt water. You can use salt water for gargling. The salt content can draw liquid on canker sores so that the healing process can be much faster.


    You can also take advantage of natural yoghurt for natural thrush medication. Yoghurt helps to balance the bacteria in the mouth and the body so that it can accelerate the healing process.

    Fruits & Vegetables that Good for Your Eyes

    Fruits & Vegetables that Good for Your Eyes

    We all need good eyes to see this whole world. Without eyes then our life will be so empty. Sometimes, people do not realize that they need their eyes more than anything. Do not wait until you lose your beautiful eyes. Start from now to change your bad habit to keep your eyes well.

    Fruits & Vegetables that Good for Your Eyes

    Good eyes come from good food. That is why you should complete your nutrition from fruit and vegetables to make your eyes perfect.

    • Avocado is the super food that is very good for your eyes. You can get much nutrition from this green fruit. Lutein is the important aspect to make you away from the cataract. This fruit also rich in Vitamin E, Vitamin A, Vitamin B6 and Vitamin C. 
    • Carrot is rich in vitamin that needed to your eyes. You can eat it directly or make it in fresh juice. 
    • Broccoli is good for you. It not only gives benefits for your eyes but also for your body system. It can help to prevent the hypertension, toxemia, nearsighted, neuritis and also obesity. 

    The point is to be the good person who has good life style. It will be so hard in the beginning but later you will enjoy the result.

    Foreign-made jewelry Caused Lead Exposure

    Foreign-made jewelry Caused Lead Exposure

    According to public health officials, foreign-made jewelry is a potential source of lead exposure. There was a case where a 1-year-old boy had a rapid increase in blood lead levels. According to researchers, the source of the exposure was traced to an amulet made from knotted string and metallic beads. The amulet was brought from Cambodia. Further test revealed that the beads on the amulet contained 45% lead. The father of the boy said that the amulet had been worn since he was 3 years old.

    Foreign-made jewelry Caused Lead Exposure

    Healthcare professionals should ask parents, especially who come from Southeast Asia, about the use of amulets. They have to know about the risk of leads poisoning from the jewelry. Regarding the case, the CDC recommends blood lead testing for internationally adopted children and refugee. All children who recently travelled to foreign countries will also be tested. About the 1-year-old boy, the health officials also tested his brother.

    The 1-year-old boy case shows that parents must be aware about anything they gave to children, especially foreign-made jewelry. It is better to make sure that anything given to children is safe and free from leads. All of us know that not all countries understand the importance of using health-friendly ingredients.

    Good Food for Bone Health

    Good Food for Bone Health

    One way to maintain bone health is insufficient nutrients required by bones that vitamin D and calcium. Both of these nutrients should be met in a balanced manner. How to meet the nutritional needs is to keep your food choices in everyday consumption. You can choose some of the following foods to keep the bones in order to stay healthy.

    Good Food for Bone Health


    This one drink is able to provide for the needs of calcium and vitamin D the body needs. For those of you who want to keep the weight could choose fat-free milk and high in calcium. To meet the needs of calcium and vitamin D needed a bone, you should consume three servings of milk or dairy foods.


    The majority of people understand that in order to meet the needs of vitamin D is through sun exposure. However, some foods were able to fulfil the needs of vitamin D that the body needs. One of which is yogurt. By eating one cup of yogurt, you can get adequate levels of calcium and vitamin D daily. In this case, you should choose low-fat yogurt containing.


    Some types of fish are believed to have the content of calcium and vitamin D is high enough to meet the daily nutritional adequacy. You can consume sardines, salmon, tuna, or otherwise. Each species of marine fish is certainly deliver more nutrients vary.


    To get the calcium needs, you would not only be able to consume food or drinks that lack the milk. You also can choose spinach as an option. In one cup of cooked spinach, it contains nearly 25% of calcium daily. In addition, spinach also contains additional nutrients such as fiber, iron, and vitamin A. Therefore, food is not only good for bonehealth but also may help maintain a healthy body more thoroughly.

    How to Get a Perfect Meditation

    How to Get a Perfect Meditation

    Meditation helps us get inner peace and focus. When we know how to meditate properly, we are able to relax and our mind will be opened. Actually, it is easy to meditate, the important key is only following some basic guidelines to find the right and proper things for our meditation journey.

    How to Get a Perfect Meditation

    Here are some useful tips on how to meditate properly:

    1. Choose a quiet area that undisturbed by other people. It can be anywhere, from our own bedroom up to a secluded spot in the wild. If we can find this place, then it is adequate. 
    2. Prepare the area with items that enhance our focus. We can use candles and turn off any artificial lighting. Dimmer light is helpful in relaxing. 
    3. Get comfortable on our cushion or other soft surface. It is better to not sitting on hard surface because it will break our meditation 
    4. Focus on something in our area where our eyes feel comfortable, such as candle or something shiny. However, some experts suggested to focus on nothing. Close the eyes once we find focus and breathe deeply. Take notice of our breath patterns. Breathe from the diaphragm because it helps us remain balance. 
    5. If necessary, play light music. However, some meditation experts recommended to turn off all devices and enjoy natural sounds because it gives a perfect relaxation.

    How to Care in Natural and Healthy Hair

    How to Care in Natural and Healthy Hair

    Finding how to care for healthy hair naturally will certainly be a pleasant thing. Healthy hair is a dream for everyone, especially women. By having healthy hair, women can have confidence that the higher in supporting performances. Getting a hair treatment at a beauty salon can be one way to get beautiful hair and gorgeous. However, in fact, you can do natural hair treatment done at home to get healthy and beautiful hair.

    How to Care in Natural and Healthy Hair

     Aloe vera and avocado

    One way that is natural and healthy to care for healthy hair is to use a natural shampoo made from avocado and aloe vera. By applying a mixture of natural materials and do wash as usual, you can get healthy and beautiful hair.

    Celery leaves

    Celery can be very nice used to treat the hair. How to use natural materials is also very easy that is by juicing celery. The juice can be stored in a jar and allowed to stand overnight. The next day, the juice can be applied on the hair evenly and allowed to stand for about 15 minutes.


    Other natural ingredients that can be used in treating hair are lemon. Lemon can help overcome the dull hair. How to use lemon is also very easy that is by making it as a juice. The lemon juice can then be applied to the hair evenly and allowed to stand for a few minutes then rinse thoroughly.

    Doing hair care with natural ingredients on a regular basis then you can get healthy hair. Choosing to use to take care of your hair naturally may be far more effective and safer than using a variety of skin-care products on the market.

    Make Water Taste Better

    Make Water Taste Better

    Our body needs water to ensure that the metabolism functioning properly. However, not everybody has a taste for it. That is why, if we want to drink more water but we do not like the taste, there are some tips we may try to make it more enjoyable.

    Make Water Taste Better
    • Add fresh fruit : We can try to crush fresh citrus fruits, such as limes, lemons or oranges into our water. It will give a better and more refreshing taste.
    • Use juice : We can go for juices that are all natural without sugars. Juices that are made from fresh fruits contain antioxidants and vitamins.
    • Make it bubbly : Effervescent mineral water can be used as alternative. If we want more, we can add some fresh fruits in it.
    • Add some ices : Ice water tastes better. We can also try some experiments by adding some fruits, cucumber or mint.
    • Drink tea : Fruit, white, green, red and herbal teas are considered to be better than black teas and coffee. We can also find so many flavors of those teas in the market. If we want to have a more exotic flavors, we can try to research the vast array of specialty teas from all over the world. It will help our body to get enough water in a better way.